i-Métro i-Métro
The ultimate public transport guide
on the WEB and on
your WAP or i-mode phone

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i-Métro  is a route calculator on (almost) every subway system in the world and many tram & bus systems too! First available for Palm and PocketPC devices, then for most existing smartphones, you can now get the same features on the WEB and on your WAP or i-mode phone.

i-Métro  is presently available in 10 languages and covers more than 250 cities around the world.

How to use?

i-Métro  is a free service but comes with no warranty of any kind: in particular, but not exclusively, the author can in no way be held responsible for any damage, either direct or indirect, that may occurs through its use.

Try i-Métro  right now:

  • WEB version (with your favorite browser).
    We also offer to integrate i-Métro in your "Google Homepage" Add to Google or to your personal Netvibes page Add to Netvibes
  • i-mode version (with your i-mode phone): enter the address https://i-metro.mobi or https://metro.nanika.net/imetro.html
    You may also use this version, fit for small screens, on any mobile device equipped with a WEB access.
  • WAP version (to use on your WAP phone): enter the address https://i-metro.mobi or https://metro.nanika.net/imetro.wml
Demo (WAP phone)

Note: the actual look & feel may be different on your device.

1) On the i-Métro  home page, select your prefered language 2) On the next page, choose the region for your search
3) Once the region is selected, press "Go!" 4) Now select the city for your search and press "Go!"
5) You now see the main route search screen. You may bookmark this page for future searches in the same city 6) Enter your start and end stops (you are not required to enter the full name)
7) If the program finds multiple matches for your entries, you may select the right one 9) The shortest route is displayed, including lines to take, directions to follow and connection points

10) If available, you have an option to show an alternate route with the least number of connections

11) Other options let you compute the return trip or start over

8) Now press "Go!" to compute your route

You are a web site or service publisher and/or webmaster and you would like to include the i-Métro  functions? Contact us to discuss the options we may offer.

Amadeus has been a partner for many years and provides our i-Métro  service on Amadeus.net.