Métro Métro
Overview (UIQ 1 & 2)

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Download the latest version of Métro , and please read the ReadMe file included in the zip file.

You can use any of the city files from the original distribution package (metro.zip), just copy the files to the \documents\Metro directory on your phone or memory stick.

!!! Métro  is not compatible with UIQ 3 devices. For these, you may use the PalmOS version with the emulator from StyleTap.

How to use Métro  illustrated:

Choose Métro  in the application launcher: "Tap" on the "Lines" icon and select a line in the list:
The stations on the line are listed.

"Tap" on one of them to select your departure or arrival station:

"Tap" on the "Stop" icon to display the full list of stations in the current city;

Or just enter a station name, Métro completes the name itself:

"Tap" on the "Start" button to compute the optimal route: Select "Preferences" in the "Metro" menu:
Choose whether you want to get statistics on your routes and other options: Tap on the "i" button or on the icons in the results to get more detailed information:
Tap on the "Phone" button to display your contact list (those with a station associated): To select the city, Use the "Network" option in the menu:

Complete Métro  functions list:

  • Fully assisted station search (various lists selection or text entry options)
  • Station list for each line
  • Recently used stations history
  • Operating hours management (in selected cities)
  • Places of interest: tourism, night life, ... and detailed information (in selected cities)
  • Line deactivation option (in case of strikes or works)
  • Line colors in the stop list and in the calculation results
  • Contacts list interface (enter your contact's subway stations only once)
  • Install only the cities you need (and save memory)
  • Extension card compatibility
  • Two different routes suggested (fastest and least connections)
  • More than 400 cities included, most of them with complete information (750 stations in London, 954 in New-York, 1835 in Tokyo, 881 in Paris), including suburban systems, buses, trams, ferries...
  • Frequent updates (every month) for up-to-date information
  • Available in 38 languages
  • ...