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ファイル metro-int.zip をダウンロードして下さい。.


Métro  is compatible with all PDAs running PalmOS 2.0 or greater (devices from Palm/PalmOne, Handspring, Handera, Sony, ...). The software is not compatible with the original Pilot 1000 & Pilot 5000.

Métro  is optimized for devices running PalmOS 5.x (almost all recent models) and offers a much faster engine on these PDAs (all calculations are nearly instantaneous). It is also optimized for high resolution screens on recent PalmOne and Sony devices: it makes full use of the 320x320 or 320x480 resolutions those machines offer, including the 480x320 landscape mode.
Note: for 320x480 mode on the PalmOne Tungsten T3, additional files are required (see home page).

Windows Mobile (PocketPC)

Métro  is compatible with PDAs (either "Pocket PC" or "Handheld PC" format) running Microsoft® operating systems Windows CE (versions 2.01, 2.11 & 3.0), Windows Mobile for PocketPC (versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2003 SE & 5.0, including "Phone Edition" i.e. Smartphones WITH a touch screen) and Windows Mobile 6 Professional (version 6.0, 6.1, 6.5): devices from Compaq, HP, Qtek, HTC, Toshiba, Siemens, Casio...

Windows Mobile (Smartphone)

Métro  is compatible with all phones running Microsoft® Windows Mobile Standard or Windows for Smartphone (version 2003, 2003SE, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5) system.

For these smartphones, please read the "readme" file included in the corresponding zip file, for installation instructions.


Métro  is compatible with all phones running Symbian UIQ (SonyEricsson P800 & P900, Motorola A920 & A925, ...) except UIQ3, Symbian Series 60 (Nokia and others) except V5, Symbian Series 80 (Nokia and others) or Nokia Series 90.

For these smartphones, please read the "readme" file included in the corresponding zip file, for installation instructions.


See here


ファイルをアンジップして下さい。そこには ユーザーガイド (README.html)、 多くのプログラム (*.prc 各言語版による)、 多くのネットワーク (*.pdb ファイル) が含まれています。必ず熟読してください。

Programs & Directories Notes
metro-en.prc PalmOS program in english
metro-jp.prc PalmOS program in japanese
Windows/* Installer & programs for Windows Mobile (for PocketPC and for Smartphones)
README.html Access to the software documentation
doc/* Documentation files
en/*.pdb Complete city files in pure ASCII format (no accents), recommended for Palm users with non-roman character sets
jp/*.pdb Some city files in japanese (SJIS), to use with CJKOS or equivalent on Palm devices.
unicode/*.pdb Unicode version of the "non-roman" databases. Only for Windows Mobile & Symbian devices (require a compatible font)
PalmOS devices (Palm, Sony, Handera, Handspring...)
  • "Palm Desktop / HotSync"ソフトウェアが入力されたPalm Pilotに、プログラム(1言語を選択) そして少なくとも1つのデータベース (1 pdb ファイル) をインストールして下さい。 (もし使用方法が解からなければ、Palmマニュアルを参照して下さい );
  • あなたのPilotをシンクロナイズして下さい;
  • アイコン が、あなたのPilotのアプリケーション ラウンチャーに表示されるはずです;
  • ジップファイル内のユーザーガイド(guide-jp.html)を注意深く、熟読して下さい。

Installation on a memory card: if you have a memory card extension, you may install the Métro  files there, following these guidelines:

  • For the program (metro-xx.prc file): just select the "Extension card" destination in the "Quick Install" tool (coming with Palm Desktop). The installation of the program on a memory card is not recommended.
  • For the cities (xxx.pdb files): the program finds the cities only if they are present in a specific directory on your card. In order to install the files in their proper location, you have several options:
    • Install the files in main memory (with the Quick Install tool), then use the "transfer" option in Métro  to move them on the card (see the user guide). DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS FOR "LARGE" FILES (such as Paris-full or NewYork-works).
    • Install my Folder utility on your Palm. It will take care of moving the files where they belong after a Quick Install on the memory card.
    • Install the files on the memory card with the Quick Install tool (selecting the "Extension card" destination) then manually move the files to the /PALM/Programs/metro directory with an utility such as FileZ.
    • Use a memory card reader (or a software like CardExport) then, from your PC, copy the files to the /PALM/Programs/metro directory on your card.
Windows Mobile PocketPC & Smartphone devices (Compaq, HP, Qtek, HTC, Siemens, Toshiba, Casio...)

For "normal" installation, you must have first installed "Windows Mobile Device Center" (Vista) or "ActiveSync" (other Windows versions) on your PC.

  • On your desktop PC, run the setup.exe program in the Windows directory to install the program on your device.
  • Select the cities you want to use in the correct directory (/all in most cases). You have to install at least one city!
  • Click on the "My Computer" icon
  • Among the available drives, open the one labelled "Mobile Device"
  • There you can see your device's directories and files
  • Copy and the cities selected above in a folder of your choice
  • On your device, click on the Métro  shortcut, select your language in "Preferences" in the "Options" menu
  • Select "Network" in the "Options" menu to choose the city you want to use

You may also install the program manually instead of using the setup program (and you will have to if you have a WinCE 2.0 or 2.01 device, see at the end of the table):

  • Select the right cabinet (.cab) file for your PocketPC device in the table below
  • On your desktop PC, click on the "My Computer" icon
  • Among the available drives, open the one labelled "Mobile Device"
  • There you can see your device's directories and files
  • If the file for your device is a .cab:
    • Copy the selected .cab file in a folder of your choice
    • Back on your PDA, open the Explorer, navigate to the directory where you copied the file
    • Click on the file, the program will install and a shortcut will be created
  • If the file for your device is an .exe, copy that in the program directory: it will directly run Métro (you may also create a shortcut as needed)
Device Program to use OS CPU
All Windows Mobile for Smartphone and Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices (i.e. smartphones WITHOUT a touch screen) MetroSP.armv4.cab Windows Mobile for Smartphone ARM
Compaq iPaq H19xx, H21xx, H31xx, H36xx, H38xx, H39xx, H41xx, H5xxx, ... Series metro.arm300_pspc.cab Windows Mobile for PocketPC

Windows CE 3.0
Palmax @migo-600c
Toshiba Genio e330, e550, e740
HP 560 series
Mitsubishi Trium Mondo
O2 xda
Dell Axim PocketPC
All PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2003, PocketPC 2003 SE, Windows Mobile 5.0 for PocketPC devices (including Phone Edition i.e. smartphones WITH a touch screen) and Windows Mobile Professional 6.0, 6.1, 6.5
PND (Portable Navigation Devices) with Windows CE .Net 4.2 & 5 or later & 320x240 screen MetroARMWCE.exe * Win CE 4.2
Win CE 5
HPC HP Jornada 700 Series metro.arm300_hpc2000.cab * Win CE 3.0 ARM
Siemens SIMpad SL4 (also under Deutsche Telekom and Swisscom labels)
HPC HP Jornada 820 metro.arm211_hpcpro.cab * Win CE 2.11 ARM
NEC Type Mobile Pro 790 metro.mips300_hpc2000.cab * Win CE 3.0 MIPS
Casio Cassiopeia E-115, E-125, E-125G, EM-500, EM-505G, EM-505F, EM-505I, EM-505S, EM-750 metro.mips300_pspc.cab Win CE 3.0 MIPS
Compaq Aero 1550
Siemens SX45
Casio Cassiopeia E-10, E-11, E15, E-100, E-105 metro.mips211_pspc.cab * Win CE 2.11 MIPS
Compaq Aero 2164, 2130
? metro.mips211_hpcpro.cab * Win CE 2.11 MIPS
Philips Nino metro.mips201UNKNOWN.exe * Win CE 2.01 MIPS
Philips Vélo 500 metro.mips200UNKNOWN.exe * Win CE 2.00 MIPS
Sharp HC-4600
Compaq C-series 800
HP Jornada 520, 540 Series metro.sh3300_pspc.cab Win CE 3.0 SH3
? metro.sh3211_pspc.cab * Win CE 2.11 SH3
HPC HP Jornada 680 metro.sh3211_hpcpro.cab * Win CE 2.11 SH3
? metro.sh3201UNKNOWN.exe * Win CE 2.01 SH3
? metro.sh3200UNKNOWN.exe * Win CE 2.00 SH3
Hitachi EPlate metro.sh4211_hpcpro.cab * Win CE 2.11 SH4
Compaq Aero 8000

* Download the Windows CE 2.0 / 2.01 / 2.11 / HPC / PND versions here
(the CE 2.0 versions are exe files that you must copy on your device)
Contact Frank if your device processor or OS is not listed.

Symbian (Nokia, SonyEricsson...)
  • Be sure you downloaded the right package for your phone. If you don't know which system your device is running (s60, s80, s90 or UIQ), check this page.
  • Copy the .sis (or .sisx) file in the metro package to your phone (transfer it using the utility provided by the manufacturer or via infrared or bluetooth)
  • Run the .sis installation on your phone (see the user guide for more information)

If you receive a security alert when installing (because the software is not "signed"), enter the "Tools" program and select "Parameters" under "Options". In the "Install software" windows, turn off the "Signed only" option. You should now be able to install the program.
The exact location of these options may depend on your configuration: see your phone user guide for details.

The Symbian packages contain only a sample of the databases (for major cities). If you want to install other cities, download the full package (metro.zip) and copy your choice of .pdb files to your phone.


Except when stated otherwise, there are no special precautions to take when upgrading your version of the program or the city files: just overwrite the previous files and you're done.


If you've never used Métro  before, you should now read the user guide. Please READ IT before asking a question!